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The Traction Circle is the representation of the dynamic interaction between a vehicle’s tyre and the road surface. The Club was formed to enable the exploration and experience of this fundamental concept hence the incorporation of the diagram in our logo. The Non Profit Club was formed in 2002 for the purpose of promoting and improving the driving skills of all enthusiasts and as improved road safety . Registered officially with the Singapore Registry of Clubs and Societies, our activities center around driving – on kart tracks, country roads and race tracks. We do not exclude any marques, so feel free to join us. Check our event calendar regularly for details of monthly events where you can explore the limits of your vehicle in safety.

To be the conduit for the improvement of driving skills and road safety , through the organisation and promotion of motoring related activities.

Promote enthusiasm for driving

To improve road safety by encouraging members to only practice aspirated driving in a controlled environment.

To impart and nurture our members to upgrade and improve their driving skills and abilities

To reintroduce the science and fundamental laws (traction circle) of motor vehicle control and operation

To conduct the Club activities with Safety as the priority


1. President – Yak Tze Yih
2. Vice President – Jeff Keng 
3. Honorary Secretary – Dino Ong
4. Honorary Treasurer – Srinson Soh
5. Assistant Treasurer – Chong Yong Kang
6. Public Relations – Mark Ong
7. Membership –  Ray Yong
8.  Membership – Brian Ng
9. Motorsports – Ken Lim
10. Social Media – Billy Lau
11. Charity - Claudine Ho
12. Operations - Koh Zishan

For more information, email us at info@tractioncircle.com.


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