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Technical Rules

All vehicles must be available for purchase from a major manufacturer currently/previously as a factory OEM vehicle.

No Open Wheel vehicles, Clubman or Kit cars allowed.

All vehicles must have four (4) wheels with the steering acting on the front wheels only.

No centre steer vehicles allowed.

No engine leaks of any kind.

No loose items within engine bay.

Full interior must be retained with the exception of the items below: OEM seats can be changed out for approved racing seats however, once approved racing seats are used, it is compulsory for a 4-point harness minimum to be used as well.

Rear seats may be removed.

All vehicles must be equipped with a full length dashboard.

Modifications made to the vehicle cannot compromise the safety or structural integrity of the vehicle.

This event is open to track cars. Please fit them into their respective classifications below.



All drivers must personally attend the mandatory drivers briefing prior to the event.

There will be 2 Time Attack sessions which will be divided in to 2-4 groups depending on the total number of competitors.

Each session will have a minimum of 20 minutes. There will be a warmup and a cool-down lap in addition to the timed laps. Only times recorded during this window will count.

Limited to 1 entry per driver. 


Street Classes

Only road tyres with a UTQG (treadwear) rating higher than 140 are allowed.

All Other Classes

Only semi-slick tires are allowed. Full slicks are prohibited.


Bridgestone RE55S / RE11S

Dunlop D03G

Federal FZ 201

Hankook Ventus Z214

Kumho Ecsta V700 / V70A

Michelin Pilot Sport Cup

Nitto NT01

Pirelli P Zero Corsa/Trofeo

Toyo RA1 / R888

Yokohama Advan A050

*All other models are subject to approval.


AWD Turbo

All-Wheel Drive Turbo

i.e Audi Quattro S3/S4, Mitsubishi Evolution, Subaru WRX, Mercedes A45


Rear-Wheel Drive (Non Forced Induction)

i.e Honda S2000, Subaru BRZ/GT86, Mazda MX5/RX8, Lotus Elise, Porsche Cayman, Nissn 350/370Z

RWD Turbo

Rear-Wheel Drive Turbo

i.e Mazda RX7, Nissan Silvia/Skyline R32/33/34, BMW 1M/M3/235/335, Lotus Exige


Front-Wheel Drive: 1601-2000cc (Non Forced Induction)

i.e Honda Civic EG/EK/FD, Honda Integra DC2/DC5

FWD Turbo

Front-Wheel Drive: 1601-2000cc

i.e Honda Civic FK2/8, Volkswagen Golf/Scirocco GTI, Renault Megane RS, Seat Leon Cupra.

FWD Compact

Front-Wheel Drive: 1600cc & Below

i.e Suzuki Swift Sport, Toyota Yaris, Honda Jazz, Honda Civic 1.5T, Golf/Scirocco 1.4 TSI, Mitsubishi Colt Turbo, Hyundai Veloster Turbo.

2WD Open/Masters

FWD & RWD Vehicles with upgraded engine capacity.only. Drivers with race experience.

i.e  Honda Civic FD2 K24, Honda EG/EK/DC B20 Honda S2000 F24/K20 etc

AWD Open/Masters

AWD Vehicles with upgraded engine capacity.
Drivers with race experience.

i.e Audi Quattro S3/S4, Mitsubishi Evolution, Subaru WRX


i.e Audi R8 , Ferrari, Honda NSX, Lamborghini, Lotus Exige, McLaren, Nissan GTR, Porsche 911 

*For certain car models, segregation of classes is based on the discretion of Traction Circle Club.

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