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Detailed Terms and conditions.

Capacity :

Due to limitations of the vendor, there can only be a maximum of 36 participants in event date, or 12 available seats in each race class. Seats are subject to first come first serve basis.

3 weight classes for each race event :

    • Featherweight < 67 kg
    • Lightweight 67-77 kg
    • Middle weight > 77 kg

Weight classes exist to help equalize the opportunity for a variety of drivers. Please enter the details of your weight during the registration process via wild apricot. We reserve the right to verify your weight after the race.

Drivers have the option of competing in a heavier weight class with the use of a ballast vest (Sold by Decathlon). However, drivers who opt to drive with a ballast vest must exceed the min requirements of that weight class by 2 kg.

Please arrive EARLY for registration. Members who miss the race briefing will not be permitted to participate in the race and will be denied a refund.

Race format :

Qualifying + Race. We have omitted the practice sessions in an effort to reduce waiting times and cost.

Race Grid Start order : According to the fastest times.

Prizes for each race (and each of the 3 weight classes) : Trophies for 1st -5th place. Petrol Vouches to be awarded for 1st to 3rd i.e 1st $200, 2nd $100, 3rd $50.

Points for each race (and each of the 3 weight classes) : As per F1 points system

    • 1st 25
    • 2nd 18
    • 3rd 15
    • 4th 12
    • 5th 10
    • 6th 8
    • 7th 6
    • 8th 4
    • 9th 2
    • 10th 1

At the end of the 3 part race season, the driver in each weight class with the most number of points in each class will be awarded 1 free 4 hour track day session @ Sepang. (Subject to borders reopening)

Kart Allocation :

Drivers will be asked to draw a random number from a hat. This will be done twice over to determine their karts for qualification first then race. The order of which the names are called are reversed for qualification and race so as to give everyone a fair chance at drawing from the hat. Drivers who draw the same kart for qualification and race will be asked to re draw a different number for the race kart.

Weather :

The fore mentioned events are subject to weather conditions and may be cancelled/postponed in the unlikely event of poor weather. Please turn up for registration regardless of weather conditions.

Driving Etiquette :

TCC will appoint marshals at various points around the race track during the race to ensure that all drivers demonstrate “sportsmanlike behavior ” i.e excessive bumping will lead to an imposition of time penalties of up to 10 seconds for each incident cited.

TCC will consider bad passes when the driver that is passing:

Hits -intentionally or not- the back bumper, pushing the front driver off his normal line.

Hits the side of driver right in front of him, with his front part of the kart causing the driver right in front to spin, or to heavily oversteer due to the push at the back.

Brakes beyond normal braking zone hitting the overtaken driver sideways, and pushing his nose away from the apex, where the kart in front already was.

TCC will also consider a bad defense move when a driver:

Moves his Kart more than once towards a defensive line on straights

Does not respect the fact that the driver fighting for a position right behind him has placed his Kart at his side with the front wheels at the mid-point of his Kart, thus making the curve and causing the passing driver to crash into the barriers or simply not being able to conclude the pass.

If a driver has purposely pressed another against the barriers

That said, we loathe to impose any penalties as it is not in the spirit of the light heartedness that fun kart racing is intended to bring!. Please take it easy!

Other :

*TCC reserves the right to review the number of seats in each weight class should there be excess demand in one weight class or lack thereof. Should TCC deem it necessary to open more than 12 seats in a particular weight class, only the top 12 qualifiers will be entitled to race.

*TCC reserves the right to cancel the event and refund all participants in the event of poor participation

*TCC reserves the right to review the prizes and points system should there be inadequate participants in any of the weight classes.

*The free track day pass may be transferable to other members should the assigned winner deem he/she is unable to exercise the privilege of the free track day pass

*TCC reserves the right to amend any of the terms and conditions of the race at any time

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