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    • 31 Oct 2022
    • 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
    • Sepang F1 Circuit

    A F1 driver burns an average of 1500 calories and loses 2-3kg every race (put into perspective, 1/2 marathon runner loses 1300 calories). Sepang F1 race is 56 laps.

    Our Finale event for 2022, Judgement Day Enduro is a 200 mile race (59 laps). For this event, your club will be donating part of the track day collections to Singapore Association of the Visually HandicappedThis is your opportunity to challenge your mental and physical abilities to focus in extreme situation. At the same time, an opportunity for you to do a kind deed together with fellow club members by donating to the needy. 

    All participants will be presented the competitor pack (T-Shirt and Water Bottle) and finisher will be awarded the finisher pack (T-Shirt and Medal). You will use the race packs with pride because you have participated in an extreme challenge which not many people are known to complete the feat. 

    Top 5 podium winner for both class (above 1600cc and below 1600cc) will be awarded trophies and attractive prizes. More importantly, recognised as the winners of an extreme challenge. 

    Please refer to Judgement Day Enduro Details here. 

    *Judgement Day Enduro is an informal event to pit against fellow club members to clock the most number of laps.  We will put in our best effort to ensure members abide by event rules and not find loop holes to gain any unfair advantage.  We trust our drivers to exercise competence with utmost integrity.

    Prize presentation will be at 1700hrs at Sepang Media Centre.

    TCC Limo service will operate at 10am from Sepang Circuit to a shopping mall and 4pm from the same place to Sepang Circuit. Please gather behind Pit 4 for departure. 


    Enduro Participants

    Early Bird - Enduro Event Participant with Transponder (27 Sep - 20 Oct 2022)

    Members: S$460

    Early Bird - Enduro Event Participant WITHOUT Transponder (27 Sep - 20 Oct 2022)

    Members: S$420

    * Your participating car has a transponder 


    If you are participating in a car without transponder, you are agreeable to have the competitor pack and NOT the finisher pack and you want to contribute to charity.

    Track day Participants

    Early Bird (27 Sep - 23 Oct 2022)

    Members: S$390

    Regular Rate (24th Oct – 30 Oct 2022)
    Members: S$490

    On-Day Rate (31 Oct 2022)
    Members: S$600

    *New members are subject to the same deadlines + membership fees.

    *Track fees entitle a single driver into the racetrack. Secondary drivers who wish to share cars are subject to the same fees. 


    Sepang Timing Transponders are ONLY available to enduro participant with a refundable deposit.All drivers are deemed to have read and agreed to the terms of our FAQ (http://tractioncircle.com/FAQ)


    All members are strongly recommended to maintain a usable towing point on their vehicles.

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