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Traction Circle Club (TCC) was formed in 2002 to bring like minded enthusiasts who share their passion for driving together with the aim of providing a safe and controlled environment for members to explore the limits of their cars. In turn, better drivers should translate to safer drivers, one which the club hopes will make public roads a better place.

We are a non profit club registered with the Singapore Registry of Clubs and Societies and is dedicated to the cause of promoting higher and safer driving standards. All proceeds go towards the organization of activities for the benefit of its members. 

The Club is committed to helping drivers not just through the provision of a closed course, but also thru hands-on mentoring, and imparting advanced driver strategies and techniques.

We welcome all makes and models regardless of affiliations.


12 Jan 2020, Sun 0900-1300hrs – Sepang International Circuit

07 Mar 2020,  Sat 1800-2359hrs – Sepang International Circuit

19 Sep 2020, Sat 1800-2359hrs -  Sepang International Circuit

6 Nov 2020, Fri 1300-2200hrs -  Sepang International Circuit

*Note: Schedule are published on best effort basis, subjected to changes. 

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